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The Most Reliable, Hard-Folding Tonneau Cover 2 & 4 Panel

Affordable, Reliable, Dependable Service 


Introducing the AFC Classic

The New AFC Classic is the next generation hard folding tonneau cover from Advanced, it  has a more streamline look to it, with the rear panel latching assembly completely underneath the rear panel. One flick of the lever, and its OPEN! The front panel of the folding tonneau cover has a lever the sticks out toward the cab which you slide toward you to open the front panel.

X5 Supra

The Advanced Folding Cover also has another folding tonneau cover it is the X5 Supra Tonneau Cover.  To operate this hard folding tonneau cover we have put the lock in a recessed tub in both the front and rear panels.  You simply turn the lock to open the front or rear panels.  When you want to lock the cover simple lock the lock and the lock won’t turn.

We welcome you to Advanced Folding Cover (formerly Advance Cover) the home of the most reliable hard folding tonneau cover in the United States. Please feel free to browse our website. We have continued to strive to make Advanced Folding Cover the most convenient, toughest, and securable hard folding tonneau cover on the market today. Our commitment is to provide you with the best hard folding tonneau cover on the market for the best deal and with that the best customer service as well. Our folding tonneau covers are not just any folding truck cover, they are custom built locally in Wyoming Michigan, and attached with the Advanced T-Rail System, give you Full Bed Accessibility, are installed with Durable Weatherproof Mounts and offer Rapid Installation for either the 2 panel or 4 panel folding cover. Make your next folding tonneau cover an Advanced Folding Cover.

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